The company JMCL Advertising Services started as a sole proprietorship in 2010 servicing media planning requirements for clients of Manila Broadcasting Company. By year 2013, JMCL Advertising Services became a corporation as it managed the media planning needs of an even more demanding expanded client base. It has now evolved as JMCL Media & Marketing Services, Inc., a much sought after advertising agency that is efficiently providing creative, media and marketing service solutions to company clients. JMCL works hard to ensure cost efficiency in every peso spent to hit client's target segment of the market primarily through a well strategized media plan. This plan might be but not limited to mass media (radio, TV, print), outdoor, transit, and even digital advertising. Clients benefit with branding, recall and increased product patronage with JMCL's creative and media campaigns.


The JMCL vision is to be the most sought after advertising agency in the Philippines that provides innovative marketing strategies including creative, mass media, digital and non-traditional advertising solutions to clients.

Long-term commitment with the client is the heart of our company because we believe that establishing lasting liaisons with our clients is one of the chief elements to success. Dedication to sufficing and even exceeding the needs of our clienteles, passion to excellence, creativity and commitment, and the motivation to become the finest is what drives us.


JMCL is the main driver of efficient and effective media strategies which clients recognize as beneficial to brand and sales. The organization's combined and cumulative experience in media is associated with target markets greater patronage, better brand recall and consequently brand leadership.

It is dedicated to provide quality marketing services that are based on research and experience for best results.

JMCL has a genuine concern for clients' needs and partners with them for a better understanding of brand challenges and best solutions.

JMCL is committed to provide effective and efficient media planning, whose results are measured against product movement and recall.